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Welcome to the “I Love Libby Show” Website – I Love Libby Show

Welcome to the “I Love Libby Show” Website

There are two reasons why you would want to listen to this podcast…

One, if you are one of our many friends or relatives, then you already know what kind of content to expect. You know that we are fun to hang out with, witty and charming, and are not afraid to speak our minds. You are probably hoping that we do not mention YOU or any of the deep dark secrets we know about YOU.

Two, you have stumbled across our website while searching for ‘marriage podcast’ or ‘awesome funny married couple podcast’. Either way, you have found what you are looking for.

A Bit of Backstory

Kyle and Libby were born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are both the product of 12 years of Catholic schooling. After a few years as high school sweethearts, Kyle and Libby got married and started a family. They have four daughters that range in age from 18 down to 7. In July of 2015, they made the bold decision to move out to Seattle, Washington, so Kyle could pursue his passion in the immersive technology industry.

In July of 2014, before moving, Kyle and Libby decided to record three episodes of a podcast, then promptly forgot about them. Then, three and a half years later, while searching for files on an old hard drive, Kyle stumbled across the forgotten recordings. After listening to them together, Kyle and Libby decided to continue the podcast and publish them for the world to enjoy.

What to Expect

The “I Love Libby Show” Podcast purpose is to document the many crazy conversations that Kyle and Libby have at night after the kids have gone to bed. For almost 19 years, they have maintained a healthy and stable relationship by spending countless hours conversing with one another, sharing stories, opinions, concerns, and their views on the world. These conversations reflect the evolution of their relationship, and provide insight to the challenges of a modern suburban family.

What NOT to Expect

This podcast is meant for entertainment purposes only. You should not consider these conversations to be helpful or therapeutic in any way. If you do, you should seek medical attention immediately. What works for Kyle and Libby, might not work for everyone. Their thoughts and opinions are not intended to anger, offend, or demean anyone or anything mentioned (despite the fact that they probably will).


Thanks for listening!

– Kyle & Libby

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